I guess you could say I was born into this industry, from the earliest memory of my mother putting me in hair shows to the fascination of Hair and make-up and how it can transform the way we look! I remember when I was about 14 I would spend hours at my Vanity table creating different looks styling my hair and applying make-up! My family used to tease me that I was vain and always looking in the mirror, but for me it was about the fascination of how one brush stroke or one strand of hair in just the right way could create Beauty and Elegance and transform my look. My friends would come to me at that early age for answers about how they could improve their look. To this day they thank me. A Vivid  memory of a girl in tears in front of me with hair quality from birth that was extremely hard to work with, and seeing her admiring my hair touched my heart so deeply that in an impulse I told her, " don't you worry I can cut and style your hair and make it beautiful!" I must admit at that age I had never cut anyones hair not even my own, and her hair to this day was my biggest challenge! But I did it and to see her smiling in the Mirror was when I knew this was my destiny. 

At age 16 I have many people approaching me saying I was going to be a model it inspired me and  I wound up going to a modeling school in Baltimore Md. learning how to walk and present myself. At the age 18 I started modeling and doing Make up jobs for photographers in Baltimore. I styled a woman who wound up being a make-up artist agent and told her I wanted to go to school her remark was "You are a Natural, you need not attend school for what you already have." But I was determined to see if their was anything I didn't know. I did attend Von Lee International School of Aesthetics in Pikesville Md. and what I learned was astounding to me. I learned that I was a natural, and I also learned why I was doing what I was doing and that gave me so much confidence that I began even more diligently on my Path to Styling and Modeling work as I traveled to Jamaica and the Virgin Islands and California for modeling shoots.

At around 21 years old I was talked into getting into a bikini contest, I must admit I was a bit hesitant although I have been training pretty much my whole life as a gymnast for about 13 years and was 2 years into my weight training but I said yes. To my surprise I won! This inspired me to enter more contest. I entered many contest until one day I was approach by a national contest company called Bikini Open. This meant I had to compete with all the Winners from all over the United States and it was being televised. Well to my surprise again I won Bikini Open 1!  I went to New York for this and was also ask to be featured on Regis and Kathy Lee, The Arsenio Hall show, and Current Affairs among a few.

Then in 1989 I entered The Miss Georgetown Pageant  held in Virginia State, and again I won. I was crowed as Miss Goergetown 1989. I do believe one of the reasons I won a lot had to do with my edge in Hair and make-up.  One of the Judges to this Pageant was a photographer for Playboy Magazine, he sent my photos in without my knowledge and before you know it I received a call from Playboy offering to feature me, I denied this because Ive always felt very conservative with myself in full nudity. Then that same Year I moved to Los Angeles, already linked in to an Modeling agent I began castings right away and also began working as a Stylist for People Magazine for about 2-3 years, along with other freelance jobs. I have styled many of celebrities, like Eddie Murphy, Nicole Kidman, Tracy Ullman, Mario Van Peeples, Glen Frey (of the Eagles), Tupac Shakur,  Lonnie Anderson, Meg Ryan, Pat Benetar, Mariel Hemingway, just to name a few along with countless models. 

So many good experiences on-set and one in particular experience was the movie (Nothing But trouble)  where I appeared as a dancer along with Tupac Shukor.  On the casting call for the movie with Dan Aykroyd casting was funny, I was the first girl that he saw, He said admittedly Her! She's the one, someone from his team said to him, "Dan she's the first one there are many outside the door waiting,  he said" Send them home ! She's the one"!  I was flattered along with a feeling for all the other girls outside. This began our friendship, which elates to another fun and symbolic story. One night after working on the set,  Dan said why don't you come out with me Im meeting a friend and we could have a fun time, I went and as we approached "Paul Mitchell"! I knew of him and his products of course, I used them many times, I was excited as he introduced me!  Paul and I got to talking and what a connection we had! In fact at the end of the night he was super kind and ask for my address that he would send me a care package of his products. I must admit, I wasn't  sure if he would really,  but within that week they were at my door. It is with pleasure I tell this story and how honored and inspire I was for this experience!

After a few Years I woke up to my Spiritual Journey and went off the grid to truly find out who I was and exactly my purpose. I realized that I knew at the early age that creating ways to help others feel and look Great was my destiny! At around 27 I began my Studies in Earth Biology, Nutrition and  Chemistry at Biochemics . 

Being Pregnant at the time I finished self study for the next 10 years, and have never stopped, I believe study is never finished as my fascination has only grown more curiously the more we find out about our blessed Earth.  After having my first of four children, I started working by renting a space freelancing in a Hair Salon in Beverly Hills doing Make-up work. Shortly after that I fell into Sculpting Eyebrows and then I fell In Love! Before you knew it I was no longer doing make-up I was so busy with 13-15 clients per day! 

I natural applied the Maya theory  as well as. beginning  regrow and re-sculpt so many clients and celebrities models such as, Nicole Kidman, Lionel Richie~ ("I love Karens Eyebrow Products! I keep them in my car and in the fridge.")Tracy Ullman, Kelly Kathrine Lang, Demi Moore just to name a few. 

Everyone kept telling to write a book to teach, at first I thought "how can I teach others what I do?" But as I began writing it came through like a flow of Divine Creativity!  Before I knew it I was teaching Students in which  one I let take over my client in the same Beverly Hills salon and she is becoming a Master in the Art of Brows herself, that was real confirmation that my Method could be taught. This Methods is unlike any method in Eyebrows. I honestly feel its the Future of Eyebrow Sculpting, a timeless creation of our imaginations.

During the 20 year period in this Beverly Hills Salon Sculpting Eyebrows I started to notice that many had very dry course brows I ask them to get some creme to put on them and they always forget  and some where but still I felt the hair shafts needed more, so i thought, I might as well create products to help them. This began my journey and Love for working with Organic, Biodynamic ingredients! before I knew it I was selling so many I began working in the Lab creating more production. During this Period I was also growing my hair long and self studying in Hair growth. One thing I did know that chemicals were drying out my Hair. So I began my own R&D regarding how I could repair my hair to grow it the longest. I grew it Ankle Length! I researched and testing individual ingredients until I got to know them and then starting my combining these ingredients to create the Perfect Long Hair products! I began selling to exclusive clients, as well as showing my line and speaking at the Raw Living Expo regarding Beauty and Hair in 2014. This is when I created my online sales and My dream was to sell World Wide so that everyone could Grow their hair and learn the Method to Long hair. I began doing Skype Hair Consults this past year and half,  to woman and men all around the world! When I met Herb Gray Dogan III I was super excited as we talked about his company helping to Market My Cosmetics, Tools, Kits at a even larger scale.

My Theory in Perfect Hair Care is 'Intelligence & Alchemy'  Hair has intelligence and is very much alive, although some say its not, I know that everything is energy and that hair 'Reacts',  that meant to me it can be repaired, therefore I treat hair energetically and biochemically alive. As an intuitive channel I also dove deeper in tune with my hairs intelligence along with  others and began communication. This means not only is Hair alive but it is communicating with us and could I dare to say its telling us exactly what it needs.?

 As I grew my Hair Ankle length it was a blend of 'Healing my hair from chemical coloring and  heat damage and Growing* my Hair naturally as God intended along with my spiritual journey and it was this experience, that I learned  the ''Maya of Hair Intelligence" 

Once I learned this I excitedly began to experiment with Organic natural ingredients and how to feed the follicles and hair shafts,  I knew the proper nutrients  is key in building Long strong hair and building it strong enabled it to grow and as it grows it becomes more  strong in its bio make up and alive energetic nature.  

Its was for this reason I chose the ingredients and know they work is because I believe that part of Hairs Intelligence lies in Nature, Mother Earth and the biology of Hair can be best imitated in and by Nature. 

Nutrition is a large part of healthy hair. Our hair is last to receive the nutrients so applying ingredients to the outside can compensate for lack of nutrition inside. I always encourage nutrients to benefit  the inside along with the outside, this ensures chances of hair getting the nutrients it needs. From this perspective nutritionally I chose my ingredients because like any other organ hair needs certain minerals vitamins and hydration. Feed the hair what it needs and it will look and feel beautiful naturally. Styling becomes easy!

The careful way I chose and blended these ingredients , build the hair structure targeting each perspective of hair, such as the follicles, oil glands, hair shaft,  and epidermal layers, which is the formula' for Regrowth and Repairing hair. Once hair is repaired it with be naturally beautiful and make styling truly easy and heat free, no damage. 

The Ingredients chosen were not only chosen to repair and grow, they were designed to react to the hairs feel and beauty and Let me tell you the hair says 'Yes"  to these ingredients!  My Moto is,  "Hair to Stay"

As I began creating my line, it was Simplicity I decided to create the kit and well as Methods. I believe the Keys to Great Hair is Simplicity, Daily Regimens, the understanding of Hair Intelligence a lot with Feeding the Hair what it Craves!