/ by Karen Croney

Hey Ojai Peeps, Im coming next weekend. I would love to see you!

Contact me to meet up or for an appt. for Hair Brows or Beard Sculpt.

I might come up Friday and stay until Sunday after Sunset. Im also looking to find a great place to shack if anyones has the space for me or knows of a great chill place that would be great! I will come packed with products, Make-up Kit, Brow Kit and Hair Kit!! And Ceremony Materials for anyone who needs my Channeling assistance and energy cleanse. Perfect timing for it!

Message me to connect. Im busy all day Saturday! I have the pleasure to work with my client and her fiancé at their wedding. Feeling blessed to attend their very special Day.


What a weekend it will be after the 16th Eclipse as Mercury is existing Retrograde. A time of Full release of all we have been through this last 4 years or so! Blessings on your New Beginning! I will be fully equipped with energy and excitment to meet beloved Ojai <3


Sunday Blessings to all ~*~.