Inner Beauty Reflections...... / by Karen Croney


I remember as a little girl with a skinny lanky body and a boys haircut my mom gave me, climbing trees instead of playing with barbie dolls. I was more facsincated in the trees, grass and bugs, earthy stuff. I found it so very Magical. I would lay in the grass starring in it for hours imagining it being a whole other world were tiny creatures lived and had families like us. That explains why I probably found so many four leaf clovers. Kids would ask me how do you find so many four leaf clovers? I would smile evidently and say 'You just Look"  This actually explains where it all started for me. At sixteen years old  that all  turned inward to the Mirror. I really found it amazing and artistic how one brush stroke could make a dramatic difference. I was well on my way after spending my allowance on Make up. I began outward helping friends with their make-up and hair. One day a girl acquaintance from the neighborhood came to me with tears.  To this day,  I can still say her hair texture was the most challenging Ive come a crossed. Immediately my heart opened and I said " come with me I will make you love your hair!" I had never cut hair, I had no idea what I was going to do, all I did know was that her sadness and frustration touched me so deeply that I would figure it out! Remembering back, I was pretty confident, I think it was a heart driven decision and I created it by sheer will. I wet her hair and began to sculpt! I styled it after, I have to say I remember it being a struggle, I didn't give up and when I was through... she looked in the "Mirror" tears ran down her cheek and this time with a smile. She replied" This is the first time I have ever loved the way my hair looked!" I was hooked! Inner and Outer Beauty is an Art. When you look deeper the true Beauty comes to surface. Karen