Summer 2015 No more bleach ever again! 

Spring 2014 Bleached hair gone, growing it out. 

When I first met Karen, it was really divine timing. I literally had been praying that someone would come along who could help me heal my hair.  She has taught me how to take care of my hair, so that I may grow it forever. I know I will never have to experience cutting off more than a few inches ever again! My hair is long and healthy, full of color and shine. She is wise and an inspiration to me. I recommend taking her advice. 

Alisse Garn

Summer 2013 Dry bleached hair

Karen regrew my eyebrows to perfection! I had her come on set of "Bold and the Beautiful" to share her skills with my personal Make-up Artist as she did Sculpted my Brows. I was Amazed that during the process of regrowing my brows she still managed to create beautiful shape and Camera ready brows! I also love her Brow Treatment and Brow Stay. She is very skilled and I highly recommend her for anyone in the public eye or if you just want your brows to look amazing!

Kelly Kathrine Lang

June '14, October '14, May '15

I started Karen’s Blue Rose treatment at the end of May 2014. The pictures shown show my hair journey from then to now (May ’15), including getting six inches of my hair cut off in January ’15 & all my layers cut off. I love the Blue Rose products so much! They have completely transformed the texture of my hair. My hair now feels like it did when I was younger before I ever started coloring my hair and getting layers. It’s so soft! I think it’s amazing how fast your hair grows using the products, but then I’m not surprised considering the high quality raw ingredients that Karen uses in them! I bet my hair would be to my hips by now if I didn’t get a trim. I’m so excited to continue this journey & see how much better & longer my hair gets! Thanks Karen for all you do! For those who think the products may cost too much for you, just look at my hair growth from June-October in the top & bottom left pictures! It’s crazy how much it grew in four months!! My hair would barely grow at all before using these products! Definitely worth it! Now I’m also getting tons of new hair growth, as seen below on the right. Can’t wait to reach my next hair goal, growing it to my lower back, which I know won’t take long at all!


Loving my hair lately, thank you, Karen Croney...

Anna Marie

Testimonial pages_adguy-1.jpg

Karen's service and products have changed my life. Years ago I met Karen, in Beverly Hills and she has transformed my Eyebrows into their best potential. Her products are so raw and pure that it hydrates each and every follicle into reaching its full potential of growth. I went from thin uneven eyebrows into beautiful full eyebrows. Brow~Stay and her Brow Treatment are an essential for any woman's brows! Both these products have helped tame and nourish my Eyebrows with all natural ingredients! Her theory on Brows isn't "take take take" (like most eyebrow specialists) Instead she focuses on your features as an individual to what look would suit you best. It truly is an art and Karen has mastered it! It can be a guide for every woman.

So many options out there and we don't know what to choose. You should have your own magazine! It doesn't get any better than Karen! You truly are a beauty guru. I can't wait for the world to be able to use your amazing natural products. Thank you for finding all the solutions to my beauty needs, from a dry scalp to eyebrow regrowth. Blue Rose© Hair Treatment is perfect for all hair types. I use it every few weeks from root to tip and you can see the results of Shinier tamed hair. When you use it as a part of your regimen your hair will grow fuller and Lay in its Natural State Beautifully! It's pretty unbelievable!

Anytime I feel my scalp is dry I use her Scalp Formula. Not only does it nourish my scalp but my hair as well. I noticed that my scalp was very dry which concerned me to the point that I visited a doctor. She prescribed me many different topical medications, none of which worked. It actually made it worse. I was left desperate for a solution. I then told Karen of my problem and she told me she had the perfect remedy. I was hesitant to believe that all natural ingredients could fix such a problem. After just one use I could already see the results, my scalp was clean and nourished and hydrated. Love both those products and can't live without them. You've transformed not only my eyebrows but my hair with your products and expertise. I wish only success for your endeavors because it is very well deserved.

Paris Kerendian

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Karen is extremely talented and has a keen eye for art and beauty. She has been doing my brows since I was a teen (about 17 years!) and I only trust her when it comes to shaping my eyebrows! Her beauty products are amazing too. They reflect her passion for perfection and her knowledge of natural beauty products and care. The Regrowth Eyebrow Treatment is the best ever. It is the only product that I have ever used that has kept my brows thick and shapely. Karen is one of a kind and I highly recommend her services and products! Blue Rose Repair Hair it...great for hair growth and beautiful texture, protection and hydration.

Jacqueline De Leon

Testimonial pages_adguy-3.jpg

Karen is an artist doing my eyebrows for the past 5 years. She knows exactly how to shape my eyebrows the way I like it and is able to keep my facial features balanced and beautiful with consistently with no mistakes. I always get complements about my eyebrows and I love the results I get. Using Karen's eyebrow treatment makes my eyebrows thicker and grow faster. I also started using Karen's hair products a couple of months ago and it has made my hair shiny, thick and growing! Karen has a great personality and attitude that always puts a smile on my face when I see her. You will not regret using Karen's services and products. I highly recommend! Thank you!

Natalie Shubert

Testimonial pages_adguy-4.jpg

I first started seeing Karen as a client for eyebrows. In just a few months of commitment, I had the artistically perfected brows. She takes the time to reflect back while doing her magic Eyebrow sculpting and the finished product ... literally the art of brows!
After a few years as a client, I began learning her Method as her student with a few lucky others. I’m so glad she decided to spread her gift of brow sculpting. Learning from Karen was a much more than following directions or reading the do's and don't, I first had to learn to visualize as well as learn to offset and create illusions to beautify faces. Leaning how to attempt to master the Art of Brows from her was not only the best training in the brow and cosmetic industry but it was also an enlightening experience. I certainly recommend her Gift to teach, sculpt and her brow products are perfection for re~growing, texture and beautifully eyebrows.

Sierra Deva Savoy

Testimonial pages_adguy-6.jpg

My awareness of Karen's work as a hair consultant came to me at the right time when I was dealing with challenges on how to properly maintain my shoulder length hair. Since becoming a natural health enthusiast 8 years ago, I have never really had the opportunity to come across any good information or advice regarding natural hair care. Karen has the experience and 'know how' when it comes to truly natural hair care. She is an awesome consultant and formulator of cutting edge hair products...and she has the hair to prove it!

Carmen Di Luccio

photo 2.JPG

My hair already has less split ends and more moisturized after only using your products for one week! I can feel my curls coming alive, slowly but surely  I love how I can just intuit my way through the products and use them how I feel is best! Also.. The hair treatment might just feel like heaven when I put it on my hair haha. I never knew a product could feel that pure and soft before! And the hair balm smells so good on my hair  
Also.. The counseling session last night has helped me immensely :)) It has been maybe years since I have felt so light and free. Thanks dear Karen!



When I started using Blue Rose treatment... I started to love my hair again after a long battle. Taking the time to think about it as part of me, not just a wig I style... but a part of my being... I am still trying to break heat styling habits but... washing less and using the treatment every two weeks ...along with lots of water and a healthy hair is shiny and not falling out anymore!!! Thank you Karen I love you!