All Organic & Raw Ingredients.  Gluten Free/ Vegan

Blue Rose' Hair Treatment

$80.00 4 oz  

*No more Breakage and sleepy follicles!

Promotes Growth by mineralizing the follicles and nourishing with proper proteins to boot the follicles back to proper balance and Strength in follicle structure.! Also Nourishes, Hydrates, adds silkiness,  Beautifies Texture.

Blue Rose’ Silica Spray

$35.00 4 oz     

$55.00 8 oz    

To special order 16 oz @ $55.00 email:

Seal cuticles, protects, Strengthens, Styling, detangler and soft hold

I created the Silica Spray to refresh daily preventing over wash, its a natural sun block sealing moisture in as well as protects. a Great de~tangler comb out wet & dry. Great for light styling hold. Aroma Therapy.

Blue Rose' Satin Balm

Great for texture, hydration, nourishment, seals and prevent split ends!

$55.00 2 oz     

$77.00 4 oz.

Blue Rose' Scalp treatment

Medicinal Protocol for Scalp Conditions

$90.00 2 oz    

Healing Scalp formula that heals scalp, anti fungal ,anti microbial, stimulation, growth promoting, silky texture. 

Blue Rose' Styling Syrum

$35.00 2 oz

action: *smoothens  gives light  holds tight style buns, braids, slick backs and curls as well as smoothens curly hair.

Protects from heat, Sleek hold, strengthen, shines and protects cuticle layer.

Blue Rose' Healing Shampoo

Heals scalp, stimulates follicles, nourishes and cleanses without drying!

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Treatment, Brow Stay and Brown Stay

Lasts 8 Months to a Year

$50.00 Brow&Lash Treatment 8.5 ml

Brow & LASH Growth Treatment: Re-grows  eyebrows, manages and silkens texture, hydrates, nourishes, adds and maintains depth of color! 

$35.00 Brow Stay 8.5 ml

Brow Stay: Seals moisture, Soft hold. natural sunblock, locks nourishment in.

$40.00 Brown Stay 8.5 ml

Brown, Stay: Seals moisture, Soft hold, adds Soft brow color. Comes in Dark Brown or Black for Lashes too! (specify color in notes when Ordering.

Lip Bloom

$55.00 8.5 ml

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